My paintings are on shaped plywood supports on to which canvas is mounted. Many are layered or shaped out with additional materials like nylon, organza, beads, nylon canvas, pvc coated canvas, and second layers of cut canvas. They are painted in oil on canvas and some parts are acrylic on nylon.

I am most interested in form, in the overall shape, and in the image used, and how they both work together, and how they contrast perception with reality.

My subjects remain the same - our relationship to nature and culture, the dominance that humans exert over nature, and the objectified views of the female nude. I present work that can create anxiety amid beauty.

Other constructions I have created are made out of materials like fabrics, vinyl, beads, and found and bought stuff. Most of these hang on the wall; some hang down to the floor, and some are installed on the floor.

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